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50 years of experience and professionalism in the world of spare parts for household appliances

Our company has operated in the white goods market from the early ‘60s, supplying spare parts for domestic washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators.
Thanks to experience acquired over the years, we have extended our range of spares and moved into other categories related to our sector. We have gradually added parts and accessories for small household appliances, and for cooker hoods, kitchen ranges, microwave ovens, and heating and consumer materials, as our business expanded.
We are now in a position to propose a complete assortment to meet every need for assistance and repair in the domestic sector.
As our business has grown we have always devoted special attention to the consultation tools we provide for our customers, like catalogues that are always up to date, CDs and code number search sites.

Another of our strong points is the meticulous attention we pay to filling orders by means of:
- Shipments from our Turin premises prepared by expert, qualified staff in sturdy standard-format pallet packs;
- Products are individually codified and carefully pre-packed with the aim of reducing volume to the minimum, so keeping down transport costs for the customer.


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